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Frequently asked questions:

Who Is Hannah Taylor?

Hannah found pole fitness due to having the desire to become healthier after the birth of her child, when Hannah felt that mumsy feeling but lacking the funds to join the traditional gym system she self-taught through a DVD and a pole at home. She moved from strength to strength in her lessons and decided to create MK Pole Fitness and aerial exercise with it's 1-2-1 and group sessions. Since then, she has become a ully qualified level two fitness instructor, ETM level two and vertical dance qualified. Now she takes great pleasure from passing this fun way to get fit to other people in Milton Keynes. Pole fitness is a new way to get fit and Hannah is testament to the results. IT WORKS!


What Clothing/Equipment Should I Bring?

Sensible training clothing such as t-shirt or vest top, shorts, leggings, or tracksuit bottoms. Trainers or bare feet. Bottle of water. That's it!

Please note that no hand/body lotions, rings or watches should be worn whilst training.

Equipment supplied by MK Pole Fitness and aerial exercise.

When you book with us, we supply everything you need - safety mats, high quality pole and/or standalone stage (if required), aerial hoop, silk, trapeze, and any other conditioning tool you may need.

All you need bring is yourself in your training gear!


How Does it Work?

A new and exciting way to shape up and feel great, one of the biggest fitness crazes to hit the UK in some years. Pole Fitness has been said that it's crossed between Ballet & Gymnastics, but this only scratches the surface of the Grace, Strength and Control that is required to perform this fitness activity.

  • Health & Fitness Benefits

  • Builds muscle strength and body definition.

  • Improves cardiovascular ability.

  • Helps with balance, co-ordination, and posture.

  • Increases overall flexibility.

  • General health improvements

  • Improves your confidence


What is involved in a Lesson?

People find the commitment of visiting the gym several times a week difficult to sustain, with Pole Fitness and aerial exercise you can do it when you please with no expensive joining fees just pay as you go.

We cover Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Super Advanced moves including Spin Technique, Tricks, Floor Work, Climbing, Inverting and Routines (if required); strictly no stripping.

Each Lesson consists of:

  • Warm up

  • MSE (Muscle Strengthening Endurance)

  • Lesson content

  • Warm down


Who Can Do It?

All ages, fitness levels, shapes & sizes, male or female welcome.

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